Avery was recently nominated for the  2021 Young Artist Awards for "Best Actress in a Short Film"  &  2021 Black Bird Film Festival "Best Lead Actress in a Short Film" & 2021 American Youth Film Fest "Jackie Award for Best Actress" & 2021 Young Entertainer Awards “Best Young Actress 12 & under in a Short Film”


Avery Garcia


Avery Garcia, is an award winning actress. She began her acting career when she landed her first role in an off-Broadway production. She continued on in theatrical productions and started working in short films where she was immediately recognized for her talent and received her first nomination. Avery also has a passion for singing and has performed at The Duplex Cabaret Theater in Greenwich Village, NYC.

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Young Artist Academy Awards

2021 Best Actress in a Short Film (Nominated)

Your Hands In My Hair

2020 Best Actress in a Short Film (Nominated)

When The Wolf Comes Home

2019 Best Actress in a Short Film (Nominated)

Down Start

Young Entertainer Awards 

2021 Best Young Actress 12 & under in a Short Film (Nominated)

Your Hands In My Hair

2020 Best Actress 10-11 Best Actress

in a Short Film (Nominated)

When The Wolf Comes Home

American Youth Film Fest

2021 Jackie Award for Best Actress (Nominated)

​Black Bird Film Festival

2021 Best Lead Actress in a Short Film (Nominated)

When The Wolf Comes Home

NY Long Island Film Festival 

2020 Best Actress in a Short Film (Winner)

When The Wolf Comes Home



Behind the Scenes


Amitabh Joshi, Director - Vacant Light Productions

"Your Hands In My Hair"

"Avery has an innate ability to be present and brings her own experiences and ideas to inform her characters. She is extremely professional on set, always listening, and brought great energy every day. I was impressed with her ability to work with actors with varying levels of experience. Her ability to listen and to come prepared with her own ideas to set really made a difference in her performance. I have no doubt that she has a bright future ahead of her as an actor."

Nicole Rinaldi, Director - Boxfort Productions

"When The Wolf Comes Home"

"The first thing people mention about the film “When the Wolf Comes Home'' is the incredible and nuanced performance from Avery. She captured the despondency of the situation her character lives through with a delicate balance of hopefulness, and the most remarkable part is she gave that performance at only age 10. This is why she won Best Actress in a Short at NYLIFF over the other nominees, many double her age. 
She is extremely professional to work with- everyone on set assumed she was older because of how well she worked on production. She’s able to work with a director in collaborating on intention and performance in a way that some adults aren’t even quite able to depict. She chooses complex roles because she is completely able to perform conflicting emotions and mature subject matter. More importantly, she has the confidence in her acting style to advocate for her characters and ensure a realistic performance for that character. Any production would be absolutely lucky to have her as she knows story just as well as she knows her characters."

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